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You Are Not Alone

Grocutt & Sons are here  to support and guide your family during this difficult time.From the initial first call we aim to relieve some of that burden and worry with a Caring and compassionate approach.

We have been involved in the caring profession for many years and believe that our sympathetic and caring approach will allow your journey to be a little less traumatic.

When a death occurs at Home or a Nursing Home

Following the expected death at home, you will need to contact their doctor. Out of hours, there is always a number to call on the surgery answerphone.

The doctor will attend to verify death, and this must be done before contacting the funeral director appointed. Once this is done we can take your loved one into our care.

When a death occurs in Hospital

Doctors must complete paperwork  to release the deceased into our care, A medical certificate will also be issued which is used to register the death at your local registry office.


The bereavement office will then need to be informed if your choice of funeral is burial or cremation, as the paperwork differs. 

Sudden death

A referral to the coroners may be made for a number of reasons e.g * the cause of death is unknown,
* not been seen by their G.P. within the last 14 days,
* a sudden death, violent or unnatural
* passed away due to an Industrial  disease
* Very short admission in Hospital and death occurs

Once investigations have concluded and the necessary paperwork received at the registrars in your Sub-district in which the death occurred, you will then be able to register the death

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